Language is th eamber in which a thousand precious and
subtle thoughts have been safely embedded and preserved
Richard Trench

The Translation-Center MAPAOur Earth is a small part of a boundless space, of the Universe, and the person is an insignificant compound life on the Earth. Each of us is the individual, requiring constant dialogue in the development process. Language is a tool, reflecting the heritage of ages, contributing to overcome a misunderstanding wall between different nationalities and the nations on the Earth, uniting us in the common society to reach desirable results. It provides us easier communication, enjoying the increasing awareness over the world as a whole. It is a great interest to investigate the different countries, to learn their cultures, tradition, custom, life standards and behavior, to get acquainted with various people, to exchange knowledge and experience, to study ancient inscriptions, left by ancestors and sent to us from the past, to wander, to seelandscapes of picturesque spacesof the world, and to develop oneself...

So, we are different, but in language we are united. Evolution demands from us dialogue in both a real and the virtual world, association, constant cooperation, irrespective of an origin, race and language. The world is opened for each of us. For realization of this purpose, realization of specific targets, that each of us puts before itself, we need to understand each other. The Translation-Center MAPA is created for this purpose. We will assist you to understand foreign partners, counterparts, friends, favorites, native to you of people, whatever language they speak, to learn the world as a whole, to overcome a misunderstanding barrier, to lay a track to your dream in any part of the world. We will translate any sort the business and specific documentation, your personal papers, correspondences, etc. We will assist you in successful debugging of communications, maintenance of the important relations for you. We will simplify the process of official registration of papers and spare your precious time.

Trust in us! Believe in us! Dreams are realizable!

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